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Thank You for Bearing with Us

* I’m still in catching up mode. If you are a loyal follower of this blog, I offer my deepest apologies for not having posted for the last 10 weeks. See, about that time, I took on a new adventure of being a full-time substitute for an amazing high school social studies teacher who was on maternity leave. Clearly, some things had to go just to keep up with everything between school, our family, my photography, and my part-time work with our church. There just weren’t enough hours in the day to continue everything, so blog-posting was one that had to go on the back burner. However, I kept writing. It’s one of those things that I find I simply can’t not do. It just happens. So while I wasn’t posting, I was still writing. It’s time now to catch up. Thank you for sticking with me! 🙂 Here’s “Thank You for Bearing with Us” from June 11, 2015


Baseball season is here!!! This brings great excitement around the Janssen home, especially for Ben as he LOVES to hit the ball and of course, sing about it, too. It also brings great frustration for him as he doesn’t so much enjoy standing in the field, in the sun, or having strangers, multiple strangers (coaches from the other team) telling him where to run. Please understand, it’s nothing personal, it’s just a little difficult for him to process all at once (hit the ball, drop the bat, run the bases – this one, then that one, then there and finally home). Standing on the base waiting for someone else to hit the ball is even more difficult, so he will most generally be the last batter.

I’m so appreciative for these wonderful communities in which we play. The people of Avon and Abingdon just love on our boy in so many ways and I thank you.

I see it in the way you greet him, some verbally, some with a high-five, and some with a simple smile and a nod depending on how his day is going and what he seems to be okay with at the moment. It’s very difficult to know, but I see you trying. Accepted or rejected, you look at me and smile, encouraging me in ways you don’t even know. I hear it in the “Hi, Ben”s of the children you are raising and the laughter and cheering you afford when he hits the ball and crosses home plate, again encouraging us as much, perhaps even more than him. I also see it in the sadness and empathy in your eyes when he struggles. I feel it in the way you apologize to me, in case anything you said or did may have contributed to his difficulty of the moment. (Apologies, by the way, are completely unnecessary, but I accept them as much as commiserating and encouraging as anything.) And I am completely blown away with your excitement as you share a story of how he came and talked to you and encouraged you.

Photo credit: Hendel Photography

Photo credit: Hendel Photography

Thank you for bearing with us, friends. This is not always an easy or pleasant adventure, but we are here and thanks to you, we can very clearly see that we will never be alone.


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