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You Know You’re a Spectrum Parent When…

* I have some catching up to do. If you are a loyal follower of this blog, I offer my deepest apologies for not having posted for the last 10 weeks. See, about that time, I took on a new adventure of being a full-time substitute for an amazing high school social studies teacher who was on maternity leave. Clearly, some things had to go just to keep up with everything between school, our family, my photography, and my part-time work with our church. There just weren’t enough hours in the day to continue everything, so blog-posting was one that had to go on the back burner. However, I kept writing. It’s one of those things that I find I simply can’t not do. It just happens. So while I wasn’t posting, I was still writing. It’s time now to catch up. Thank you for sticking with me! 🙂 Here’s You Know You’re a Spectrum Parent When from April 30, 2015.

You know you’re a spectrum parent when you celebrate misbehavior. No, not the fact that your child is misbehaving or doing something inappropriate, but just the fact that you are experiencing a sense of normalcy.

I happened to catch this update from another spectrum mom: My son had a major behavioral episode today – not meltdown – not seizure – but a typical behavior major b.a.d. kinda thing. I’m proud. Typical behavior no matter how bad in my bood is a good sign!

I felt such relief – such excitement for her because this is a piece of normalcy not always afforded to those of us living on the spectrum. Normal, ugly as it can be is still normal and that, friends, is progress!

Yes, you know you’re a spectrum parent when you do a happy dance for normal bad behavior.


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