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In My Father’s Arms

It’s a busy time of year again. Spoon River drive is coming up and I’m working full-time plus as a substitute teacher, church secretary, photographer, and most importantly wife and mom. It’s Homecoming Week where I’m subbing and although I am a sub, I’m here quite a lot so I do feel attached to this community of young people and enjoy the excitement of the week. We’ve got tech week for the play that four of our kids are in and the other one is running here and there with rehearsals and homecoming events of his own. It’s a busy time and it’s weeks like this I begin to wonder what others ask so often: How do I do this? Not in a “WOW! I’m amazing how do I do all this!?” But rather, “Oh my word, this week…how am I going to do all this? How do I keep all of our commitments and maintain a balance for our kids?”

The answer came to me in the midst of our nightly routine with Ben. Bedtime was unusually hectic, likely due to the spiraling unwinding of a fun but busy weekend and the addition of family visitors. We got Ben and Ali to bed and spent some time with our guests and our middle kids. The kids headed down to bed and we began to settle into some quiet time with our oldest son when Tom, one of our middles, returned to report Ben was asking for the song. “The Song” is a little lullaby I coined when our oldest was a baby and have sung to each of our children through their younger years.

My gut reaction was, “But I’ve already done the song. It’s time to rest,” but I knew if Ben was requesting the song, the song is exactly what he needed.

There was no sweeter moment than feeling his yawn on my cheek, my son literally drifting off to sleep in the comfort of my arms as I sing of his Father’s love and protection. That also happened to be where I got my answer. Yes, this is how I’m going to get through this week: by closing my eyes and resting in the comfort of my heavenly Father’s arms as He watches over me.



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