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I am married to and have birthed Star Wars fans.  My brother would have been so proud. 

I never truly “got it”, but I have always enjoyed hearing the excitement shared between my favorite guys, and have been secretly glad that these were movies, rather than a television series which would seemingly go on forever.  And then it happened.  It:  Star Wars, The Clone Wars.  But without cable, I thought my girls and I were safe.  Wrong again, enter Netflix. 

I say this all in gest because of course, I love to see my guys happy.  However, there’s only so much of clone wars a girl can take.  Yet, when I happened to take a glance at the tv when an episode began this weekend, I found myself totally taken by surprise. Our oldest had assured me there were good life lessons to be learned here, but I hadn’t invested the time to check it out and yet, here it was:  “Fear is a disease.  Hope is its only cure.”

Wow.  Who knew I’d stop on a dime due to anything Star Wars related?  After all, I had yet to see Yoda here.

We all experience life differently.  We have different situations, different expectations, different dreams, different goals, different emotions, different everything.  Yet, we all have fears of some sort or another, and by the grace of God, we can all have hope.

My fears likely look very different from yours, but hope pops up in the quiet and sometimes not-so-quiet moments every day.  Each time our boy looks in my eyes and holds the eye contact even for just a couple of seconds, I have hope that next time it will be a little longer.  Every time I get a picture from his classroom aide and see that precious smile, I have hope that our boy will continue to thrive in the academic and social atmosphere in which he spends so many hours of his day.  When I get a phone call from our daughter in the morning saying she can’t get Ben off the bus, she hands him the phone and he tells me what is wrong and we have a real conversation, I have hope that he will continue to develop his ability to converse and interact in social situations, not only with us, but with his peers as well. 



(Ben leading an impromptu session of “If You’re Happy & You Know It” in his kindergarten classroom. 3/2014)

Yes, I have a great deal of hope.  And each day, it seems to squash the disease of fear a little smaller. 



  1. findingcoopersvoice says:

    I love! What a great post! Hope is my biggest goal right now.

  2. Hope finds me in the most obscure, unexpected moments. 🙂

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