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I’m not sure I ever thought my life was boring but if I did, that is long since gone.  

Autism is such a wild ride, the highs are higher than high and the lows, well, this is all about why I’m thankful for autism, but rest assured, the lows are low.  Despite the lows, there is such great excitement about, well, nearly everything that boring just doesn’t even factor into the equation of our lives.  

I’ve never known a little guy to get so excited about the things he loves.  He completely absorbs himself in his play and that is exciting to us because there was a time he didn’t seem to know how to play.  His eyes, those precious eyes, they get so big when he is trying to tell me something, and even bigger when he’s inviting me into his world.  Again just as much excitement for us.  

Autism, you’ve taken this little guy on such a roller coaster ride in his short life, but I am so proud of the way he has handled it all…the ups the downs, the all arounds.  And I’m so excited to watch him continue to grow and thrive despite all the ways you try to hold him back.  Thank you, Autism, for making the victories all the sweeter!


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