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Day 8: Uninhibited Laughter




There are times Ben will laugh, uncontrollably, for no apparent reason.  I’m not talking a chuckle, but rather a full-blown, grab your tummy, dry your eyes, falling over, belly laugh.  It is one of the most amazing sounds I’ve ever heard in my life.  And here’s one of the most interesting things:  this is very common among individuals on the autism spectrum.  No one can explain it, it just is.  And how wonderful!  I mean really, what could be better than being filled with such joy, that it just leaks out in the form of laughter?

There are some experts who would say that this is just unacceptable for it makes others, neurotypicals around them uncomfortable.  Really?  There are a lot of things people do which our society deems perfectly acceptable that make me uncomfortable and no one is demanding they stop, but because this is a characteristic common among those on the spectrum, “they” say it shouldn’t happen.  I don’t think so.  Why on earth would I want to rob my child of the joy of laughter?  Nope, not gonna happen.  It would be different if his laughter were at the expense of others, but it is not.  It’s just pure joy and I count every moment I get to share it with him as a blessing thanks to autism.


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