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Day 4: Enlightenment

While chatting with an acquaintance through our kids’ school over the weekend, I heard the words, “I have such a better understanding of what you go through with Ben than I used to.”  She went on to explain that while her son does not have autism, she feels he exhibits some characteristics common to those on the spectrum, and after having read this column for the last year, she feels she better understands things.  I’m not sure a better compliment could have been given to me as a writer, but it goes so much deeper than that.  Statements like this hit me on the mom level more than anything because they help me to realize that while we may never know or understand why we were chosen to be a spectrum family, our son is changing lives just by being him.  People understand autism a little better just by getting to know Ben.  This will not only help him as he grows and develops, but it will help other kids like him.  Autism has allowed our son the opportunity, at such a very young age, to make a very profound impact on so many people.  For this, I am thankful.


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