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What a great adventure - Field trip day with our boy & his classmates!

What a great adventure – Field trip day with our boy & his classmates!

It’s been a busy few weeks in our home, much the same as most others I would assume.  Between wrapping up the school year and kicking off summer activities, we are finding ourselves coming and going quite frequently.  Some days, it feels like we are merely going through the motions, just trying to get through the day, the week, the rest of the month.  In the hurried moments, it’s easy to rush through things just to get to the other side of the task.  But this is also a time of remembrance.  Graduation always brings a flood of memories as you just can’t help but to think through your own school days, remembering the highlights of the glory years.  However, I’d challenge you to do more than hit the highlights.  Live in the now and celebrate the moment you’re in.  None of us know when we’ll breathe our last breath.

I was blessed to spend a day with Ben and his class on their field trip a couple of weeks ago.  To say I was “a bit anxious” would be “a bit of an understatement”.  First, we were spending the day with his class.  I don’t know many of them.  Second, every student was taking a parent.  I know even less of them.  Third, I didn’t know if they know Ben has autism, or what that even means, or could mean, and how accepting they would be of him or any rough spots we may experience.  And it was cold, and rainy, which can throw a wrench in any good day.

But it was a good day.  Despite the cold and the rain, despite the hesitation and apprehension, despite some of the questioning looks we got from a few parents that told me I was right, not everyone knows about autism and how it affects kids, it was still a really good day because I got to spend it with my boy and see how he interacts with his peers, or perhaps rather that he in fact does interact with them from time to time.  And yes, there are other preK parents I know, and even better, I know I’ll really get to know them better as our kids grow up together.  I look forward to that very much.

The best part of the day, though, was the great reminder our son gave me as he mightily cheered over knocking down two bowling pins.  It seemed the ball would never actually get to the pins, but it did, and two went down, to which our boy gave the most exuberant, “I did it!  I did it!  I did it!” I’ve ever seen, complete with fist pumps and multiple jumps.  Pure joy swept over me as I watched my son celebrate two pins.

My husband and I just finished our weekly meeting of the minds to determine how we’re going to divide and conquer this week.  At the top of the list, celebrate the moments.


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