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Finding the Moments


So God made a farmer...he calls me "Mom" and he's sharing his love of animals with his brother.

So God made a farmer…he calls me “Mom” and he’s sharing his love of animals with his brother.

Our oldest son wants to be a farmer.  He has for years.  He has a love for the land, the livestock, and everything he has found the opportunity to experience related to agriculture, except perhaps early mornings and those moments when things don’t go according to plan.  I have to admit, he gets those traits honestly.

This morning, it was the fact mom told him to get started on changing out chicken bedding when we knew he wouldn’t have time to finish before the bus came … early morning, right?  Not a problem, I’d finish for him.  I really don’t mind helping out and if pressed enough, I’d have to agree, that yes, I do like the furry little peep peeps, but I especially like to see the sparkle in the eyes of our younger two as they help feed them or just sit and enjoy the tickle of the chicks feet on their hands.  And the giggles, I LOVE the giggles that ensue.  But I do not like dirt, or dirty smells, or anything not “house clean” in our house.  This is not a problem until you consider it was below freezing when the chickens arrived and well, we didn’t want them to freeze, so we set up a little coop in the only interior and uncarpeted room in our house for the chickens to get their good start.

They’ve been here a week now and we’ve all grown accustomed to the peeps and thankfully, we’ve figure out how to quickly remedy the occasional smell that comes from the room when the early morning thing didn’t work out so well.  And it’s so fun to watch all five kids huddled up in the 3×3 space of open floor by the coop with little chicks speckling their laps.  These are the moments I want to remember from this adventure; not the frustration over unchanged sawdust or dysfunctional waterers which lead to a gallon of nutrient treated water flooding the freshly changed sawdust, seeping through the cardboard and wooden box, then rolling out onto my bathroom floor.  (Thank you, Lord for tile and not carpet!!)

This is a learning process, much the same as our lives on the spectrum.  Each day holds another challenge.  It’s not impossible, but there are some frustrating days.  The key is to find the moments worth remembering and never forget them.



  1. Kelly Patrick says:

    Your last comment is so true! With Nathan’s graduation quickly approaching, I have found myself looking through pictures and reminiscing about his and Mackenzie’s younger days. I remember many challenging times (and we still have those!), and how frustrated I would get, trying to do everything “right”, and feeling that I often failed as a parent. But as they grew, I realized that you have to choose your battles, and remind myself not to get all worked up over things that don’t go as planned. (Something I STILL have to remind myself about on a daily basis!) Children grow, the challenges we face grow with them. Thanks for reminding me of what’s important- the moments worth remembering.

  2. Thank you, Kelly. It’s hard to believe how quickly children grow. I remember Nathan not much bigger than Ben is now… Congratulations to him & you & Stephen as well. Graduation is the culmination of many, many family hours; definately a team effort!!

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